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Hemp Construction is a trusted local paving company operating throughout Bath and surrounding areas. We specialise in all types of driveways in Bath, and supply outstanding surfacing solutions for both commercial and domestic customers. Our considerable range of services includes driveways, pathways, car parks, road repairs and pavement lowering, so you can be certain that our dedicated team are able to meet your precise requirements.

Hemp Construction are ambassadors for sustainability and we can provide Hemp Building Materials for your project. You can find out more about this here.


Resin Driveways

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Tarmac Driveways

Block Paving

Our fully qualified, highly skilled paving team work closely with local authorities and major contractors, so you can be sure that you will get superior results at an affordable price. From decorative driveways in Bath to commercial car parks and industrial flooring, our 30 years in the sector mean we really are the premier surfacing choice, so whatever your requirements, give us a call today!

some work carried out last month for a bock paved driveway with a black border finished off to the road

Block Paving in Bath

Block paving is a good choice for your driveway. The stones themselves have loads of grip, and this is ideal for when it comes to winter. You won’t need to fret about the floor getting slippery as much and you won’t need to worry about the weight of your vehicle cracking the stones. Some people think about having paving stones in their driveway, but this isn’t a practical choice. The stones can crack with ease if enough pressure is applied, and in some instances they might even lift up so they will need replacing if this happens. Block paved driveways don’t present such difficulties and can easily withstand pressure from even the heaviest of vehicles. Design choices are endless, with intricate design options available and a wide range of different colours.

Resin Driveways in Bath

A Resin driveway to enhance your Bath home

Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing systems represent a cost effective alternative to the more traditional surfacing materials, producing a hard wearing drive which is almost maintenance free surface, environmentally friendly and pleasingly decorative. Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing systems can be applied to many driveway surfaces and can be carried out quickly, minimising any disruption to your Bath home.

project for tarmac driveways in bath - tarmac runs from the road clockwise around the house

Tarmac Driveways in Bath

Tarmac driveways are usually used for highly trafficked areas and are a popular choice due to their durability and the availability of colours. When installed by professionals they are easy to install and quick to lay. Tarmac is also very low maintenance, economical and practical for today’s modern homeowner. New tarmac is designed specifically to withstand the surface aggravation of power steering.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways in Bath

Imprinted Concrete driveways are a sure fire way to make sure that your car stands on solid ground and ensuring that you can protect the lawn around your property. Known to last for many years concrete is an economical way to re surface your drive or patio area. With the proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to to enjoy an imprinted concrete driveway for years to come, and it will increase the selling price of your house if you choose to move on.

pattern imprinted concrete driveways in bath
topsoil supply bath

Topsoil Supply in Bath

We deliver topsoil into Bath and surrounding areas from our topsoil yards. We can supply topsoil in 1 tonne bulk bags and bulk loads delivered direct in any quantity from 1 tonne upwards.

We can deliver soil in Bulk bags, loose tipped or grabbed in, depending on access. Cost depends on how much soil is required, where the delivery is going to and the type of delivery required (bagged, loose, etc.) We also supply rotted manure but this is subject to availability.

Hemp Aerated Soil is a hemp natural organic alternative to perlite or vermiculite. It acts as a conditioner and an insulator.

Aeration, Mixing and Compaction – Hemp Aerated Soil is a hemp shiv product. The bales are broken down into smaller pieces known as compost or screened to produce an organic aerated material that acts as a soil conditioner.

Most organic fertilizers including a wide range of composts tend to work on an inconsistent base. Such materials shrink and swell with changes in wetness or dryness. They get compacted and hardened, causing air spaces to close up and this affects water-holding ability.

Compaction is one of the main reasons that soil loses its ability to produce abundant plant growth. Compacted soil prevents water penetration and reduces availability of nutrients to plants so they are unable to grow normally. The result is less crop production and reduced weed suppression.

Site Clearance in Bath

When it comes to site clearance in Bath, we provide an extremely professional and affordable service, making it a great solution for disposing of unwanted items, junk and clutter. We’re willing and able to take on a range of site clearance jobs – from getting rid of a single item, to a comprehensive large scale, fully fledged site clearance.

Aggregates in Bath

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We are one of the few companies in the country who specialize in using hemp in construction. 

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